Each month, in order to get to know our Centex community better, we are going to highlight an Athlete of the Month. This athlete has exhibited determination, growth, and a great attitude in the gym. They challenge and encourage their teammates on a daily basis and represent CrossFit Centex with pride.

For the month of July and in honor of America’s Independence Day, it is our honor to highlight our Athlete of the Month with someone who is currently deployed serving our country, Tyson Patrick. Although Tyson is the one being highlighted, this month’s honor really belongs to all those athletes at our gym that serve our country and protect our freedoms every day. Centex not only has a large number of soldiers in our community, we also have quite a few spouses of soldiers. We are extremely honored that these soldiers and their families make their home in our Centex community. By seeing them every day at the gym, it can be easy to take them for granted. Be sure to thank them for their service the next time you see them at the gym.

Tyson Patrick

Tell us little bit about you and your family.
Most of you probably know my beautiful wife, Rachel, and son, Nathaniel, better than you know me, they’ve both been to many more classes and training sessions than I have.  Rach and I have both chosen the Profession of Arms and serve as Army Officers, she a Nurse and I an Infantryman.  Nate is our little student-athlete, participating in Monday kids’ class and gymnastics in Temple.  Our family is the highlight of my life and I am very proud to watch my son grow to a man and my wife live a life of service.

What are your hobbies and interests?
All things outdoors, eating challenges, and hanging out with the Wolfpack.

What is something we don’t know about you?
I was the co-founder of CrossFit Vicenza, a military non-profit CF gym, in 2011 with my training partner Cameron Currie.  We started with just the two of us and it ballooned to each of us coaching 2-3 classes a day with over 50 people.  The gym is still going strong now with over 100 members.


When did you start crossfit? Why?
I started crossfit in late 2006 by stumbling onto Gym Jones and then through a  little more digging, found crossfit.com and they looked like hard workouts, so we started doing ‘metcons’ in the afternoon after classes.  Within a couple months I’d bought rings, watched every video on .com, and read every article in the journal.  I quickly joined the cult that it used to be!

Do you remember your first wod? 
When I started, my friend Jeff and I put together some conditioning pieces based on the Gym Jones videos that we saw, but my first named workout was “Elizabeth”, we did it with hang power cleans and dips on a power rack, so a little different than the full clean and ring dip that it requires, but the overall stimulus and end result was the same.  Put us both down for the count.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about crossfit? (movement, wod, etc.) 
Everyone knows that if you were to program the workout that I’d enjoy most, it would look something like this: 30 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch, rest 30 minutes with donuts for calorie replenishment, 30 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.  Then go to Megg’s for biscuits and gravy with a short stack of pancakes on the side.  I go to Centex every Saturday hoping for that workout to pop up, no luck so far…

What advice would you give a newbie? 
Trust the process and be patient, it’s not all about the conditioning that will leave you on your back, push the strength and skill work.  And remember #dontbescaredyourwholelife, give the prescribed workouts and sessions a go every once in a while. Even if you don’t succeed, you’ll have pushed harder than if you stayed scaled every training session.

Tyson P.

Tell us your most memorable moment/wod/etc. at Centex? 
I have so many moments that popped into my head when I thought about this; it’s hard knowing where to even start.  From the gatherings with the Wolfpack (dominating at laser tag, boating, chicken sh*t bingo), to 4 minutes max calories with WSD at Bring the Heat, winning the Civil War, almost dying from sled pushes, The Hulk workout with Sam, wrestling with Nate, parties at the gym to celebrate various members and accomplishments, and too many others to list.

How has Centex affected your life?
Much like the most memorable moments, I can’t begin to quantify this question with a complete answer.  When I came to Centex I came with the sole intention of becoming a better weightlifter, but as everyone that is a part of this small community knows, this place won’t accept that little from you.  I was welcomed in and the brother/sisterhood I’ve found with the Wolfpack has been life changing.  Centex was my solace during times of stress at work and when Rach was in the hospital, the Wolfpack was there for us and was my support system.  I cannot begin to express my thanks and appreciation for this team that has celebrated success and rallied during the tough times together.

What future goals do you have?
My current goal is to hit the 2017 Nationals QT.  Additionally, I’ve got unfinished business with the team competitions, after our second place finish at Bring the Heat, I owe Steve a 1st place podium finish.

Give a favorite quote or encouraging word.

“All Aboard!, Chooo Chooo!”, really though, a quote that is really powerful to me is: “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”  If I can contribute to the betterment of our Nation and people, then at the end of my time I will be content.