Each month, in order to get to know our Centex community better, we are going to highlight an Athlete of the Month. This athlete has exhibited determination, growth, and a great attitude in the gym. They challenge and encourage their teammates on a daily basis and represent CrossFit Centex with pride.

Our athlete of the month in October is Jake White. Give him a shout out when you see him. Jake has been a part of our 6am class for the past few months. The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he’s always smiling. Not only is that contagious, it’s impressive at 6am. One of the great things about Jake is that he always shows up to class with a great attitude. No matter what is written on the board for the workout, he’s going to give it his best effort every time. This attitude has helped Jake see some quick progress in class. He has been able to get outside his comfort zone and do some things at the gym that he never thought he could. Jake is a great fit for Wolfpack community and we are so thankful have him here.

Tell us little bit about you and your family.
My wife and I live in Belton with our two dogs. We both grew up in the Belton area and graduated from Belton High School together. We started dating a couple years after high school and got married in December 2016. I’m a Computer Data Center Engineer at UMHB and love it! I manage all of our server and virtualization infrastructure and get to solve complicated problems daily. My wife is currently student-teaching at Sparta Elementary in Belton and will graduate from UMHB in December.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to solve problems and to help others. I’ve always been very into outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, camping, geocaching, boating, and sailing. Growing up I was very involved in scouting through Venturing and Sea Scouts, both coed program of Boy Scouts of America.

As I become more comfortable around here my 6am class is realizing that I love to sing (poorly but with enthusiasm) and that my wife and I enjoy musical theater very much. We honeymooned in NYC and returned the previous December for round two of Broadway.

What is something we don’t know about you?
Hmmm. Maybe that I love to cook?

When did you start CrossFit? Why?
While driving home from East Texas after a weekend at my in-laws house I told my wife I wanted to start losing weight. I was my at my heaviest at 275lbs and just decided it was time. I was a bit inspired by a few of my coworkers weight loss and decided to just dive in head first. That day I made a meal plan and started walking several miles every morning. I’ve been driving by Centex for years and have always been interested but never felt like it was somewhere I would belong. While learning more about weight loss on YouTube one of the guys I follow started vlogging about his CrossFit experiences. I had NEVER heard that Crossfit was for anyone and that it could be scaled for any level. I had always assumed you had to be very fit to even attempt the classes. This encouraged me to reach out to Terry and start On-Ramp.

Do you remember your first WOD?
I didn’t specifically remember the WOD we did, but I do remember the general sense of nervousness beforehand. I remember emailing Terry the night before and asking if there was anything I could review to not look stupid in front of the class. He assured me that Centex is a very accepting and encouraging community and that has certainly been my experience!

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about CrossFit?
I kind of have two favorite things. I love getting to experience myself doing movements that I never thought would be possible. Additionally, I love the community! The 6am class is fantastic and have played a huge role in helping me succeed!

My least favorite thing….. Burpees. Or maybe pushups in general? Nope…. It’s Burpees.

How has CrossFit and/or Centex affected your life?
CrossFit has definitely helped my improve my mental toughness! Also, as someone who had never set foot in a gym before, CrossFit has taught me that physically challenging myself can be addictive!

What advice would you give a newbie?
CrossFit really, really is for anyone. You’ll love seeing what YOU can accomplish! Don’t be scared of what others will think, you’re competing against yourself. This is especially true of Centex, but no one here is going to judge you – they are all rooting for you to succeed!

Tell us your most memorable moment at Centex?
I have two:

1 – During on-ramp trying to learn the Olympic lifts with Terry. It was both a coordination and a mental challenge for me, and I was sure Terry was thinking “what have I gotten myself into?!?” while trying to get me to wrap my head around it! I was struggling big time but I think I’ve significantly improved since then!

2 – Was just this week during Monday’s WOD. We were doing the chipper 25PU, 50 H PSN, 75 Wall balls, 2min Rest, 75WB, 50 H PSN, 25 pull ups. I was doing both scaled reps and movements and was still struggling immensely. I remember finishing my first set of wall balls thinking “at least I’m done with those ’till the end” and turning to the board and realizing I had to go right back in. I was the closest I’ve been to just walking out, and I think LeAnn realized this. She had completed her WOD and jumped into start encouraging me just 5 reps at a time through the rest of the workout, Kimberly jumped in to encourage too. I would not have finished if it wasn’t for that!

Have you met any goals since starting CrossFit?
My goal from the beginning was to loose 60lbs, I’m over halfway there now at 32lbs lost. Since starting I’ve added new goals which mainly revolve around making gains in my CrossFit movements.

Give a favorite quote or encouraging word.
Hard time narrowing this down! “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7 Which for me is an encouragement to “get out of my own head” and to do things that may make me uncomfortable.

Also during a WOD what runs though my head is “You can handle anything for ten seconds, then you can start a new 10 seconds”