Vaughn Weightlifting Seminars

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These seminars are lead by 2-Time Olympian, Chad Vaughn. Aside from his weightlifting accomplishments, he has worked with athletes of all levels throughout the U.S over the past 3 years; mostly within the CrossFit community, through weekly Oly classes, seminars, and online coaching. Chad has also written for the CrossFit Journal and continues to have more content in the works. Current projects also include running CrossFit Centex , working as the resident weightlifting coach for “The Training Plan,” and weightlifting equipment development.

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NOTE: Chad is a PROUD Barbells For Boobs Advocate, and as so, 10% of your profited participation fee will go to that cause. SAVE A PAIR, SAVE A LIFE!

Barbell Basics & Movement Seminar

  • Limited to 12 ONLY!
  • Up to 18 in a few, select locations with assistant.
  • 8 hours of instruction
  • Weightlifting information packet(beginner guide, articles, sample beginner program.)
  • $325/Participant-$295 as EARLY BIRD special! Check specific seminar for cut off date.


This seminar serves as a complete introduction to someone as beginner as never even seeing a snatch and/or c&j, as well as a detailed continuing education on top of any other weightlifting seminar or certification you may have attended. Chad implements a specific combination of discussion, demonstration, and practice of each progression step that breaks the lifts down and then builds them back up in a way that is necessary for better execution of the lifts as an athlete and understanding of what to look for in others as a coach. All of this will then be tied in with platform time of each of the full movements.


  • Squat presentation and practice
  • Snatch progression, part I
  • Start position/bar trajectory presentation and practice

1 hour lunch break

  • Handout and key concepts review
  • Snatch progression, part II
  • Snatch platform time
  • Jerk progression
  • Clean progression
  • Clean & Jerk platform time
  • Final Thoughts & Questions


The goal of the seminar is NOT really at all to get any of the participants to PR in 1 day. This is usually easy enough to accomplish with environment alone so is not an indication of the quality of coaching or your understanding of the lifts. On occasion it will happen, but for most, it will take much longer than this one day to change muscle memory and strengthen the new positions for use with the heavier weights. Our energy and time together is better spent teaching, learning, and practicing perfect!


Contact us at or 254-870-0870 for further logistics and benefits.

Personalized seminars, advanced athlete’s sessions, and coach’s clinics available upon request.


Since becoming a Coach, the goal has always been to be THE BEST weightlifting information source available ! The learning and striving that goes along with this venture will never cease, BUT, is advantaged by millions of lifts watched from athletes of all different levels, over a decade of international competition experience, and 15 years of self experimentation that is laced with my blood, sweat, and tears inside the gym!

Weightlifting has been such a lonely and unknown sport in the U.S. for so long, so I’m still surprised there exists a community that sees its value and wants to learn! I’m thrilled to be a part of it in any way that I can and am highly motivated to share what I’ve picked up throughout my journey!

— Chad Vaughn