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Barbells For Boobs

Please come and join us Oct 25th for “Grace” and Oct 26th for the Central Texas Oly Open.  It will be a fun filled weekend with lots of weight lifted, BBQ, Texas Music and Silent Auction.  All money raised that these two events will be going to a local beneficiary.

Contact us at jodi53kg@yahoo.com for  more info.



Beat The Streets Sat Sept 20th

Come join us to support Steve’s Club Team Fearless.  It will be a partner WOD that is sure to get your weekend started right.  There will be a few items for auction and BBQ for sale.  All proceeds go to Team Fearless.  For any questions or for more info please contact leann.mcmillan@indecosales.com




CenTex Sports Performance Program

If you are looking to get your kid stronger,faster and over all better prepared for their sport this is the program they will need.  For questions on how to register in this class please contact us at 254.879.0870 or email crossfitcentex@gmail.com
Coach: Brock Stickler
Programming: Brock Stickler will he heading up the programming. He has been working with kids in this age group for 5 years at Copperas Cove ISD.
Cost: Parent Mem $115/Non Mem $145
Days/Time: Mon/Wed 4pm-5:30pm
Age: 10-18
Class Cap: 10
Start Date: June 16th
June will be prorated for 2 weeks


Schedule Starting In June

Starting in June we are moving from Closed Schd to Open Schd. Open Schd will allow EVERYONE to flex classes. We will need you to enroll in class daily. You can see the new schedule by clicking on the schedule/rates tab.  If you have questions on how to do this please email Jodi at jodi53kg@yahoo.com.



Memorial Day Schd and June Changes

Memorial Day Schd

Fri May 23rd 1030 Cancelled

Sat May 24th NO WOD

Mon May 26th ONE WOD Family and Friends are welcome to join us.


June Changes

We are going to OPEN Schd in June

If you have any questions on how to enroll into class through MindBody please contact Jodi at jodi53kg@yahoo.com


3x Week $135 (Includes CF Classes and CFCTX Fortius)

4x Week $155 (Includes CF Classes and CFCTX Fortius)

Unlimited $175 (Includes CF Classes, CFCTX Fortius and Supplement Hours)

We still offer Additional Family Discount as well as Military/EMS/Police/Fire/Student Discount.

New Class Starting In June…..


Fortius will start June 2nd.  The class days and times will be:

Tues/Thur 500am (Richard)

Mon/Wed 1030am (Chad)

Mon/Wed 6pm (Flex)

This class will be 90 Min and can be used within your 3 day, 4day or unlimited option. It will be limited to 8 athletes per class. You can enroll into Fortius as you would for regular class.

Contact us at vaughn_chad@hotmail.com for eligibility and prerequisites.


What Is Centex Fortius?

To understand what Centex Fortius IS, you must first know WHAT “Fortius” means and where it comes from. Fortius, from the Olympic Motto, “Citus, Altius, Fortius,” is Latin for “STRONGER”(Citius meaning Faster, and Altius meaning Higher.) So, obviously this is a strength focus class with a goal of getting you STRONGER! You can and absolutely will get stronger with our general CrossFit classes, but with EXTRA EMPHASIS in our Fortius class, we can make it happen a little faster, with a chance of higher results in that regard.
HOW will we make you stronger?
If you think about what the base and genius of CrossFit really is, the stuff that delivers the results, it’s INTENSITY. Intensity is the amount of WORK you are putting in, and the work equation is, Force multiplied by Distance divided by Time(force is the weight or load you are using, distance is the reps or how far you are going, and time is how long it takes you or the alloted amount of time ie, 20 minute AMRAP.) If you raise the force or distance, and/or lower the time, the work(or intensity) goes UP. What we are doing with this class, is biasing the FORCE portion of that equation, which if developed, one will have more potential to raise that intensity, and achieve higher results across the board(if you are stronger you are prepared to use a greater load, or you’ll be better prepared to move the lighter loads faster or longer.) Though we will STILL BE and DO CrossFit inside of this class, we will do longer bouts within each class of basic barbell strength movements(squats, dead lifts, presses, snatches, cleans, jerks, etc.,) place in more auxiliary work(isolated movements such as strict pull ups, handstand push ups, positional holds, etc.,) Strongman type movements(sled drags, tire flips, yoke carries, etc.,) etc.
So, if the FORCE portion of of the equation is your biggest weakness in CrossFit, your goal is to be stronger in general, or you just enjoy moving heavy objects, then THIS class is for you! Come join us in Centex Fortius!

Community Get Together…..

CenTex Athletes, please join us Friday evening on MAY 2nd at 7 pm for a community get together. We plan to hang out, have a good time while sharing some cool plans and goals for CrossFit CenTex.

In typical CenTex fashion this will be a fun chance to catch up, share new ideas and get a feel for the vision and direction of the “box”. Hmmm…..new CFCT T’s ?

3,2,1……..GO ! See you there.

MaD Mobi Clinic

MaD Mobi is coming to CrossFit CenTex. Michael Tillman will be covering:
Head to Toe Mobility
How to Improve Your Efficiency
How to Prevent Injuries
Common CrossFit Injuries

The Seminar will be held:
April 26th

You can register at:


Challenge Yourself TShirts

We will be starting up testing for the Challenge Yourself TShirts in April.  We will only be doing a few test per month.  We understand not everyone is interested in testing out for theses shirts.  If you are interested please email Jodi (jodi53kg@yahoo.com) so that she can get you a tracking sheet.  You will be in charge of your own sheets and recording your own results.  That tshirt is waiting for you:)

MON March 3rd

We will not be running classes 5am 530am or 6am Mon morning.  If you are in one of these classes please feel free to come to a later class.  Please let your coach know if you plan to do so.  Be safe.