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2015 Barbells for Boobs Pink Bra Tour Stop Events

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“GRACE” Heat Sign Up

If you are coming to the Central Texas CrossFit Affiliates Barbells for Boobs event you can now sign up for “Grace” by clicking on the link below. It is free to participate but we are asking for you to make a donation page under the team Central Texas CrossFit Affiliates.  Cant wait to see everyone there.  Make sure to enter your Boxes name when you sign up so that your Box gets credit for your work.




If you are interested in what will be happening this year at the Central Texas Crossfit Affiliates Pink Bra Tour Stop it is ALL HERE.  Click on the link below and you will be able to register for the 5k and Oly comp.  You can also buy tickets to the Kick Off Banquet. There is also a place that will give you step by step instructions on how to join the fundraising team. Hope that everyone can find a place to participate in this years event.



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Contraption Squats

Intro to Contraption Squats

Standard Protocol

1. For 12 workouts, with the below indications, sets and reps, alternate between Goblet, Front, and Back Squat(ie, you will do Goblet Squats on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th workout.) Ideally aim to finish the 12 workouts in 3 weeks but up to 4 if needed(3 weeks would be 4 days/week, 4 weeks would be 3 days/week.) After the 12 workouts have been completed, take a couple workouts to test/reevaluate and repeat or adjust and repeat as needed.

2. Each rep will have a tempo of 3513(3 seconds down, 5 seconds in the bottom, 1 for stand with control, and 3 seconds standing.) During the 3 seconds of standing ensure you are returning to a quality and consistent starting point each time(key points to remember are: squeeze your glutes, crunch abs, grip the floor with big toes, twist knees out, then push knees out to initiate down.)

3. Before each squat set you are to perform your individualized, assigned mobility. This mobility will be the one thing you are in most need of to help improve your squat. Any 1 or 2 deficiencies that are secondary to that can be addressed in warm up so to emphasize the one within the contraption sets. For example, most people are in most need of internal hip rotation so you would spend 1 minute on each side with the banded hip capsule stretch, biasing internal rotation. Follow up videos to come on how to discover your area of most need, and then the tools to use to help improve it.



A. With High Elevation

A1. Feet Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

A2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel


B. With Medium Elevation

B1. Feet Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

B2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel


C. Level Surface(Oly shoes as your base)

C1. Feet Slightly Turned OUT(5 degrees) or Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

C2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel



1. High Elevation = 5kg change plates or 10lb change plates

2. Medium Elevation = depending on the brand, 1.25-2.5kg change plates or 2.5-5lb change plates

3. Level Surface = No plates under your heels with your Oly shoes as your base(if you are using contraption to improve your squat, there is no reason not to wear your Oly shoes for all of these reps.)

4. By feel = If kettle bell, then something that forces you to be aware that you are holding something but not so much to where you lose quality with reps. If Front or Back squat with any elevation, anything more than the bar counts as a set, up to no more than 50%. If level surface(Oly shoes are your base,) you can increase above 50% as long as quality is maintained.


Set Up: Ensure that the dumbell is on top of the plates you are using for elevation and that the plates you are using for elevation are positioned so your heels are on the angle of the plates, forcing your pressure more to the outside of your foot. Use the bigger plates that should be slightly in front of the others to hold the angle of the feet where indicated below.



1. Ensure maintenance of Quality. QUALITY means the back is staying tight, the pelvis is not tucking under in the bottom of your squat(“butt-wink”), knees are staying outside of big toe, and big toe is staying glued to the floor. LACK OF QUALITY means that there is an un-debatable break or rounding of the back, an un-debatable “butt-wink,” knees staying on the inside or moving to the inside of the big toe, or the toes curling or floating. In regards to the “butt-wink, to be more specific, what is perceived to be a “butt wink” to one, might be nothing or perfectly acceptable to another; therefore, it must be un-debatable for you to define it as lack of quality which will go along with rule #2.

2. Ensure maintenance of Full ROM. DO NOT guess and stop your squat at the depth you “think” you need to maintain quality; just get down there. We will not avoid your mobility or strength issues buy cutting ROM within the movement you are trying to improve, but rather attack it from within. One of the goals of this method is to help you find and develop tension, and the highest quality within your full ROM, through heel elevation, specific stretches, cues, weight, reps, etc, and then progress the aid out over time. For an individual who is unable to maintain quality within their full ROM, progressing lower and lower over time with box squats, in addition to an aggressive mobility program is recommended(more specifics to come.)

3. There will be individual adjustments within this standard protocol as needed. On one end, the individual might be using all elevation with all straight arm plate squats if unable to maintain quality within Full ROM on the level surface and/or with front, back, or even goblet squats. On the other end, an individual with no mobility issues but lacks the awareness and strength to maintain the recommended foot position or tension(hyper-mobile athletes,) they might do all front and back squats with no elevation(though still inside the contraption.)

 4. No squat snatches or cleans through the phase of these 12 workouts. If squat snatches or cleans come up in your program in any way, modify them to power snatch or clean with NO jump. If power snatches or cleans come up in your program then modify to NO jump. NO jump meaning that ideally you still extend upon to toes, but the toes do not leave the floor, and the purpose in this is so not to reinforce the change in foot position we are working toward. If upon reevaluation it is decided you need to work through the 12 workouts again, adjusted or not, then it is recommended that you continue to leave the squat snatch and clean out until a certain amount of progress, consistency has been shown with positions and movement of the squat. At some point they should be slowly progressed back in, potentially starting with NO jump squat snatches and cleans.

 5. No other squats through the phase of these 12 workouts. This doesn’t just mean regular front, back, or overhead squats, but also wall balls, thrusters, etc. especially inside of a WOD. If any regular squats come up in your program, then replace them with 1 of your contraption workouts. If any other squats come up in your program and/or inside of a WOD you are supposed to do then completely change the exercise to still get the specific conditioning the WOD is intending to give you; there are plenty of other exercises or modifications to choose from. Regular squats will likely come back in sooner than wall balls, thrusters, snatches, cleans, etc as we have far more control over our feet and the rest of the body while moving slower and we’ll need to learn this without the aid here first.

 6. PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing on a daily basis…are you walking, standing, and/or sitting with your toes out all the time, are you sitting most of the day, etc….if so find a way to remind yourself to straighten up, walk a little straighter, get up and move every so often, etc(more recommendations to come.) Also, what about every other movement that you are doing? For example, If when you are rowing your knees are touching, then change it. If when you are swinging a kettle bell your feet are unnecessarily wide and feet turned out, then change it(not saying you need the same stance as your squat here but many people have room to move their feet in a little and it definitely won’t hurt you to straighten your feet here.) THINK about how you are spending your days and how you are setting up and moving with every exercise; let’s not spin our wheels!

 7. Continue to get in AT LEAST 10 minutes of mobility, specific to your greatest needs in improving your squat, on the days that you are not doing contraption squats, and even on off days.

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B4B 2015 Save the Date2-03

April Friday Night Lights

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Friday Nights Lights



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Three Wise Men

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