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May Athlete of the Month

Each month, in order to get to know our Centex community better, we are going to highlight an Athlete of the Month. This athlete has exhibited determination, growth, and a great attitude in the gym. They challenge and encourage their teammates on a daily basis and represent CrossFit Centex with pride.

For the month of May and in honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight our May Athlete of the Month with an amazing example of motherhood and fitness, Paulette Montelongo!
Montelongo Family

Paulette and her family have been familiar faces of Crossfit Centex for as long as we can remember. Over those years as a member, her relationship as a mother in the box has changed. She used to run out of the 5am class early to make sure she had enough time to fix the girls hair before school to now being driven to the gym by Marisa and competing against and supporting any of her kids in the daily WOD.

We thought the quote below not only fit Paulette but all the other strong mothers we have at the gym.
“Some women are lost in the fire and some women are built from it.”

Tell us little bit about you and your family.
A little bit of history about me.  Mark and I have been together for 29 years, and married for 19 years.  We are blessed to have 3 beautiful children that keep us going 24/7.  We started our venture from New Mexico to Texas 10 years ago for Mark to further his education.  We thought we would only be here until he finished his Master’s degree, but we fell in love with Belton.  Our oldest, Marisa is 17, she joined CrossFit 1 ½ years ago, also partakes in the Vaughn Weight-lifting class.   She competed in her first Weight-lifting competition in February of this year.  Megan is 15, and is busy with school activities, and both girls are BHS Cheerleaders. Mateo is 12, and plays any sport he can find, and joins us occasionally for a CrossFit workout on family days.

What are your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies are being with family, the outdoors, cooking, baking, taking vacations and any crafty item when time allows.  I also consider my career as a Pediatric Nurse as one of my hobbies as well.

What is something we don’t know about you?
I was the queen of big hair in the 80’s, just ask Mark and was a nationally ranked Baton twirler in high school, and chosen as an All-American Twirler to perform at a half-time show for the San Diego Chargers.

When did you start crossfit? Why? Do you remember your first wod?
Our venture to CrossFit all started when one day Mark said a new Gym had opened in town but when we drove by is was filled with nothing much but a few bars, rowers, wooden boxes and pull-up bars.  Needless to say I was very iffy about going, but he stopped by one day to check it out.  That was 6 years ago!  Our first WOD was Fran, to this day I remember saying to myself, what in the heck did we just sign up for.  I also remembering having the Fran cough and I thought to myself this workout gave me asthma.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about crossift? (movement, wod, etc.)
I enjoy our WODs most days, I like most movements that are body weight, and my friends at the box tease me because I like burpees.  The movement I dislike the most are snatches.  Plus I still hate Fran.

How has crossfit and/or Centex affected your life?
CrossFit has changed our lives for the better.  We eat cleaner, we are more active and I always say the CrossFit is my life insurance!  Plus we have gained great friendships in the community as well.

What advice would you give a newbie?
My advice to a newbie:  I always say if I can start CrossFit at 40, you too can do it!  It is not about the amount of weight you lift it is about working through it and finishing!

Tell us your most memorable moment/wod/etc. at Centex?
The most memorable WOD at Centex was early on and was a ton of sprints and lifting, only because I puked right after! I have yet to perform that episode again!

Have you met any goals since starting crossfit? What future goals do you have?
I have met several of my goals during my 6 years at Centex, but I feel I continue to meet them every day when I show up at 5am.

Give a favorite quote or encouraging word.
One of my favorite quotes:
Life is like a camera…
Focus on what’s important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
And if things don’t work out,
Take another shot.

April Athlete of the Month

Each month, in order to get to know our Centex community better, we are going to highlight an Athlete of the Month. This athlete has exhibited determination, growth, and a great attitude in the gym. They challenge and encourage their teammates on a daily basis and represent CrossFit Centex with pride.

To kick things off, congratulations to our April Athlete of the Month, Lance Gay!


For those that haven’t had a chance to get to know Lance, you’re missing out. He is a great guy who always shows up at the gym with a smile on his face and an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. He is willing to help no matter the need, always encouraging to those around him, and has a great success story in regards to his fitness.
We feel Lance was the heart of this year’s Open at Centex. Lance embraced each week’s workout as a challenge to push himself both physically and mentally. He was there every week challenging, encouraging, and judging other athletes. Over the past two Opens, Lance has seen many successes and you’ll read about one in his comments below. It’s super exciting to watch athletes like Lance grow at the gym and do things they didn’t think they could.

Tell us little bit about you and your family.
First and foremost I have been saved by my Risen Savior! I am blessed to be married to Cathy, my high school sweetheart, for 21 years. We have three great girls, Katie (16), Anna (13), and Caroline (11). Katie and Anna swim for the Belton Tiger Sharks and Caroline is all about dance. I tell people that I live in an estrogen hurricane but I really would not want it any other way, except for some of the drama.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I really like outdoor stuff. The girls and I started bouldering about a year ago. I was looking for something to do with them that was active but new to all of us. We started at the indoor climbing gym in Harker Heights and have transitioned to outdoor climbing as well. It has been a lot of fun. We also go on a weekly Sunday afternoon hike at one of the great places we have in the area.

What is something we don’t know about you?
One thing that most people do not know about me is that I have not always been active. My active lifestyle started 10 years ago because I wanted/needed to keep up with Katie and be a good example to her and her sisters. Santa brought Katie a bike for Christmas in 2005 and in May 2006 my Mom taught her to ride it (my Mom teaching kids to ride bikes is another story). Katie kept begging me to ride with her so I fixed my old bike from college and we went for a ride. I could not make it around the block without resting in a neighbor’s yard. It was an eye opener! The next day I started my fitness journey. I weighed 234 pounds, ate poorly, dipped snuff, and drank too much beer. The first day I walked four laps around the old track in Belton.


When did you start crossfit? Why?
I started CrossFit almost two years ago. One of the main reasons I started was community. As an endurance athlete a lot of my training was solo. I worked remotely with a coach and most of the workouts were best done on my own. A close friend and fellow cycling teammate bought the CF affiliate in New Braunfels and really influenced me to give CF a try.

Do you remember your first wod?
I do not remember my first WOD but I do remember my On Ramp with Jeffro. I was like “Holy smokes, who is this guy!” After the first workout I had tears on both hands and he told me to go get some O’Keefe’s Working Hands. I was doing movements that I had never done before and had only seen channel surfing during the Olympics while looking for track and field events. Who purposefully does a Snatch? What the heck is a Wall Ball? I LOVED IT!

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about crossift? (movement, wod, etc.)
The favorite/least favorite things about CrossFit are usually one and the same. I am weakest overhead due to shoulder injuries so thrusters, snatch, and jerks are not my favorite movements, but they are some of my favorite goals. As far as WODs go my favorites are the high rep movement ones, bring on the Burpees!

How has crossfit and/or Centex affected your life?
The community of CenTex has really affected me by bringing some great likeminded people into my life; people that not only share my interest in fitness, but more importantly share my interest in God, family, friends, and community. These people not only hold me accountable in health, but also in life.

What advice would you give a newbie?
The best advice I can give a newbie is to scale and stick with it. No one cares that you are doing a workout scaled as long as you are giving your best. The other thing is to get involved in the community.

Tell us your most memorable moment/wod/etc. at Centex?
The most recent memorable WOD was this year’s 16.2 workout. My max clean up to that point was 145, from the 2015 Open. As I was setting up, LeAnn encouraged me to set up the 115# bar, the 135# bar and the 155# bar. I was not sure I could get past the 135# weight before time ran out. Long story short I surprised myself by hitting 8 of the 9 reps at 155# before time ran out.

Have you met any goals since starting crossfit? What future goals do you have?
I have hit several goals since I started- one of my favorites is kipping pull ups. My top goal at the moment is to get double-unders. I really want to get better at all the gymnastic movements as well.

Give a favorite quote or encouraging word.
One of my favorite verses is 1 Corinthians 9:24 “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.” Give it everything you have as though you will win.

Reflecting on the Open…

The open is truly over. Over the past 5 weeks, our lives became Thursday nights gathering around computer screens in anticipation of the next workout to be announced. On Friday and Saturdays, the box was full of athletes putting their training to the test, working, judging, encouraging, and competing. On Mondays, athletes retested, taking another stab at the week’s WOD, determined to push harder, do better, and get one more rep.
Through all of this, I’ve learned there’s nothing more satisfying than watching each of you push yourself and find new confidence. I watched as you PR’d cleans and snatches, I saw you complete your first and second bar muscle ups, and push yourself to a places unimaginable. We had brand new athletes jump in the open with no questions asked because we are surrounded and supported by the best community!
Now that Friday is here and the box is quiet with no open WOD to complete, doesn’t mean things are over. It’s the beginning of something new. Over the past few weeks you’ve learned a lot about your training and fitness and realized your strengths and weaknesses. Now it’s time to take what we’ve learned, apply it, set new goals and crush those goals. The open is more than competing against the world, it’s a measure of your individual growth and an opportunity for our community to come together as a team, celebrating both our sufferings and our successes. This is what makes our Centex community so strong. We are always willing to do battle together in the trenches.
Today is the beginning of anything you want. Dream big. Work hard. Have fun.

Congratulations to all who competed in the Open this year. A special shout out to some of our top finishers!

Steven Velkovski – RX men
= 118 in South Central Region
= 4th in South Central Region Military Division
= 56th in world military division

Hailey Gibbons – RX women
= 4th in South Central Region Military Division
= 75th in world Military Divison

Cain Murillo – RX men
= 98th in region

Jake Bishop – 16-17 Teen Division
= 14th in South Central Region
= 129th world 16-17 Teen Division

Athletes Heading to Savannah for Masters Nationals

Chad and Jodi Vaughn along with Vaughn Weightlifting will be traveling to Savannah, Georgia to compete at Masters Nationals. Competing this weekend are our very own Centex Athletes Chad Vaughn, Sam Dowdy, and Jeffro Mullenax along with our extended family Zionna Hanson, Holly Black and Nadia Shatila. All of these athletes have spent hours upon hours in training. Training that goes deeper than lifting a barbell. They have not only fought a physical fight through this training but a mental battle as well. Learning to be calm and fierce, the difference between want and need and the search of the perfect balance between the physical and emotional. This weekend they put their sweat and tears to the test. Crossfit Centex is proud to support our family travling from both near and far.

Watch the National Weightlifting Masters Championships LIVE on FloElite, March 31-April 3. Live streaming guide: http://bit.ly/MastersWeightlifting

2016 Masters Nationals

2015 Barbells for Boobs Pink Bra Tour Stop Events

B4B 2015 Flyer hrp-01 (1)

“GRACE” Heat Sign Up

If you are coming to the Central Texas CrossFit Affiliates Barbells for Boobs event you can now sign up for “Grace” by clicking on the link below. It is free to participate but we are asking for you to make a donation page under the team Central Texas CrossFit Affiliates.  Cant wait to see everyone there.  Make sure to enter your Boxes name when you sign up so that your Box gets credit for your work.




If you are interested in what will be happening this year at the Central Texas Crossfit Affiliates Pink Bra Tour Stop it is ALL HERE.  Click on the link below and you will be able to register for the 5k and Oly comp.  You can also buy tickets to the Kick Off Banquet. There is also a place that will give you step by step instructions on how to join the fundraising team. Hope that everyone can find a place to participate in this years event.



B4B 2015 Save the Date2-03

Contraption Squats

Intro to Contraption Squats

Standard Protocol

1. For 12 workouts, with the below indications, sets and reps, alternate between Goblet, Front, and Back Squat(ie, you will do Goblet Squats on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th workout.) Ideally aim to finish the 12 workouts in 3 weeks but up to 4 if needed(3 weeks would be 4 days/week, 4 weeks would be 3 days/week.) After the 12 workouts have been completed, take a couple workouts to test/reevaluate and repeat or adjust and repeat as needed.

2. Each rep will have a tempo of 3513(3 seconds down, 5 seconds in the bottom, 1 for stand with control, and 3 seconds standing.) During the 3 seconds of standing ensure you are returning to a quality and consistent starting point each time(key points to remember are: squeeze your glutes, crunch abs, grip the floor with big toes, twist knees out, then push knees out to initiate down.)

3. Before each squat set you are to perform your individualized, assigned mobility. This mobility will be the one thing you are in most need of to help improve your squat. Any 1 or 2 deficiencies that are secondary to that can be addressed in warm up so to emphasize the one within the contraption sets. For example, most people are in most need of internal hip rotation so you would spend 1 minute on each side with the banded hip capsule stretch, biasing internal rotation. Follow up videos to come on how to discover your area of most need, and then the tools to use to help improve it.



A. With High Elevation

A1. Feet Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

A2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel


B. With Medium Elevation

B1. Feet Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

B2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel


C. Level Surface(Oly shoes as your base)

C1. Feet Slightly Turned OUT(5 degrees) or Straight – 2 x 3 @ by feel

C2. Feet Straight or Slightly Turned in(5 degrees) – 2 x 3 @ by feel



1. High Elevation = 5kg change plates or 10lb change plates

2. Medium Elevation = depending on the brand, 1.25-2.5kg change plates or 2.5-5lb change plates

3. Level Surface = No plates under your heels with your Oly shoes as your base(if you are using contraption to improve your squat, there is no reason not to wear your Oly shoes for all of these reps.)

4. By feel = If kettle bell, then something that forces you to be aware that you are holding something but not so much to where you lose quality with reps. If Front or Back squat with any elevation, anything more than the bar counts as a set, up to no more than 50%. If level surface(Oly shoes are your base,) you can increase above 50% as long as quality is maintained.


Set Up: Ensure that the dumbell is on top of the plates you are using for elevation and that the plates you are using for elevation are positioned so your heels are on the angle of the plates, forcing your pressure more to the outside of your foot. Use the bigger plates that should be slightly in front of the others to hold the angle of the feet where indicated below.



1. Ensure maintenance of Quality. QUALITY means the back is staying tight, the pelvis is not tucking under in the bottom of your squat(“butt-wink”), knees are staying outside of big toe, and big toe is staying glued to the floor. LACK OF QUALITY means that there is an un-debatable break or rounding of the back, an un-debatable “butt-wink,” knees staying on the inside or moving to the inside of the big toe, or the toes curling or floating. In regards to the “butt-wink, to be more specific, what is perceived to be a “butt wink” to one, might be nothing or perfectly acceptable to another; therefore, it must be un-debatable for you to define it as lack of quality which will go along with rule #2.

2. Ensure maintenance of Full ROM. DO NOT guess and stop your squat at the depth you “think” you need to maintain quality; just get down there. We will not avoid your mobility or strength issues buy cutting ROM within the movement you are trying to improve, but rather attack it from within. One of the goals of this method is to help you find and develop tension, and the highest quality within your full ROM, through heel elevation, specific stretches, cues, weight, reps, etc, and then progress the aid out over time. For an individual who is unable to maintain quality within their full ROM, progressing lower and lower over time with box squats, in addition to an aggressive mobility program is recommended(more specifics to come.)

3. There will be individual adjustments within this standard protocol as needed. On one end, the individual might be using all elevation with all straight arm plate squats if unable to maintain quality within Full ROM on the level surface and/or with front, back, or even goblet squats. On the other end, an individual with no mobility issues but lacks the awareness and strength to maintain the recommended foot position or tension(hyper-mobile athletes,) they might do all front and back squats with no elevation(though still inside the contraption.)

 4. No squat snatches or cleans through the phase of these 12 workouts. If squat snatches or cleans come up in your program in any way, modify them to power snatch or clean with NO jump. If power snatches or cleans come up in your program then modify to NO jump. NO jump meaning that ideally you still extend upon to toes, but the toes do not leave the floor, and the purpose in this is so not to reinforce the change in foot position we are working toward. If upon reevaluation it is decided you need to work through the 12 workouts again, adjusted or not, then it is recommended that you continue to leave the squat snatch and clean out until a certain amount of progress, consistency has been shown with positions and movement of the squat. At some point they should be slowly progressed back in, potentially starting with NO jump squat snatches and cleans.

 5. No other squats through the phase of these 12 workouts. This doesn’t just mean regular front, back, or overhead squats, but also wall balls, thrusters, etc. especially inside of a WOD. If any regular squats come up in your program, then replace them with 1 of your contraption workouts. If any other squats come up in your program and/or inside of a WOD you are supposed to do then completely change the exercise to still get the specific conditioning the WOD is intending to give you; there are plenty of other exercises or modifications to choose from. Regular squats will likely come back in sooner than wall balls, thrusters, snatches, cleans, etc as we have far more control over our feet and the rest of the body while moving slower and we’ll need to learn this without the aid here first.

 6. PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing on a daily basis…are you walking, standing, and/or sitting with your toes out all the time, are you sitting most of the day, etc….if so find a way to remind yourself to straighten up, walk a little straighter, get up and move every so often, etc(more recommendations to come.) Also, what about every other movement that you are doing? For example, If when you are rowing your knees are touching, then change it. If when you are swinging a kettle bell your feet are unnecessarily wide and feet turned out, then change it(not saying you need the same stance as your squat here but many people have room to move their feet in a little and it definitely won’t hurt you to straighten your feet here.) THINK about how you are spending your days and how you are setting up and moving with every exercise; let’s not spin our wheels!

 7. Continue to get in AT LEAST 10 minutes of mobility, specific to your greatest needs in improving your squat, on the days that you are not doing contraption squats, and even on off days.

Its Right Around the Corner

B4B 2015 Save the Date2-03

April Friday Night Lights

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